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In order to promote the application and development of technology, we need to pay attention to it

Author: ComeFrom: Date:2017/7/20 15:06:24 Hits:1998
       In order to promote the application and development of technology, we should pay attention to the following aspects.
       (1) homogeneity, stability and reliability of internal quality and mechanical properties. Due to high energy beam increasing material manufacturing process of material preparation and forming in one, parts of the size, shape, location, display has an important influence on thermal parameters, machining path on the formation of internal defects and the formation process of each part has certain particularity, therefore, need to go through multiple batches, a large number of the test, various technical aspects of determining and curing from the material, forming the postprocessing, stability in order to achieve the function of the part.
       (2) sufficient communication with users to form an independent standard. Additional material manufacturing technology implementation process is different from traditional manufacturing techniques, the preparation of the performance parts have obvious differences with the traditional forging, casting, not fully evaluated additional material manufacturing technology with the evaluation methods of traditional technology. Through communication allows users to fully understand the advantages and disadvantages of increasing material manufacturing technology, obtains the user specific requirements on the performance of the product is targeted to meet, forming parts for quality evaluation of increasing material manufacturing standards, to promote the application of additive manufacturing technology is very important.
       (3) consideration of cost and benefit. Not all parts are suitable for the method of increasing materials, and the proper application should be chosen when the application technology is developed. Considering the cost, efficiency and cycle and other factors, in the field of aviation, the appropriate parts of high energy beam increasing material manufacturing processing technology mainly uses a complex shape structure, super structure, rapid development of specifications need to structure and can significantly reduce the cost of the structure.