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Kunshan Research Precision Instrument Co.,Ltd

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Kunshan Research Precision Instrument Co.,Ltd
Tel/Fax: 0512-55258781
Web: www.resemtech.com
E-mail: research@resemtech.com
Add: 1708# Ganglong International Building No.2 Xiahe Road No.99 Kunshan City Jiansu

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Kunshan Research Precision Instrument Co.,Ltd. the main electronic microscope and its surrounding ancillary equipment, laboratory detection equipment, more than 10 years experience in a team of engineers, and the American STS company for more than 30 years of senior engineer support team consultant, superb technology, excellent service!

And Europe and the United States, equipment and equipment enterprises to maintain long-term close cooperation, to provide customers with cost-effective product selection, high-quality after-sales service support.

Enterprise culture:
Culture is the source of sustainable development of enterprises. Ruisaiqi adhere to honesty, to create maximum value for the strength of the team. The company passes the core idea of the enterprise to each employee in various ways, thus creating a staff team with high cohesion and loyalty. People first, customers above.

Service Items:
SEM&EDX&Ion Sputter&Ion milling equipment sales
Sales of related spare parts
Technical support is an important part of our service, where you can find solutions and technical answers to technical problems.

Service prescription:

Tel: within two hours
Arrive at the scene: within 24 hours