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What are the unique advantages of electron beam deposition deposition rapid prototyping?

Author: ComeFrom: Date:2017/7/20 15:03:48 Hits:2401
        Electron beam fuse deposition rapid prototyping technology has some unique advantages, mainly in the following aspects:
        (1) high deposition efficiency. The electron beam can be easily achieved 10kW high power output can reach the high deposition rate in high power (15kg/h), for the forming of large metal structures, electron beam fuse deposition forming speed advantage is very obvious.
        (2) vacuum environment is beneficial to the protection of parts. The electron beam deposition in vacuum fuse 10-3Pa environment, can effectively avoid the harmful impurities in the air (oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen, etc.) with metal parts under the condition of high temperature, it is very suitable for the machining of titanium and aluminum and other active metal.
        (3) internal quality is good. The electron beam is a "body" heat source. The molten pool is relatively deep and can eliminate the phenomenon of no fusion between layers. At the same time, using electron beam scanning to carry out rotary mixing on the molten pool can obviously reduce porosity and other defects. Titanium alloy parts formed by electron beam fuse deposition, the quality of ultrasonic inspection can reach AA grade.
        (4) multi function machining can be realized. The output power of the electron beam can be adjusted in a wide range, and the flexible control of beam motion and focus can be realized by electromagnetic field, and the complex scanning motion with high frequency can be realized. The use of scanning technology, can achieve a large area of preheating and slow cooling, using multi beam splitting processing technology, can realize the multi beam at the same time, in the same device, which can realize the FDM, also can realize the deep penetration welding. By using the multi electron beam processing technology, according to the structure and parts of the causative performance requirements, take a variety of processing technology combined, collaborative optimization design and manufacturing to achieve a variety of process, in order to achieve the optimal cost-effective.